Wolverhampton Local Optical Committee

Welcome to the website of Wolverhampton Local Optometric Committee (WolvesLOC)

Wolves LOC is an official organisation representing local Optometrists and Optometry Practices. 

The purpose of the Wolves LOC is to provide eye care practitioners, other health care practitioners and the general public information about all aspects of eye care provisions available within Wolverhampton.

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*Important Latest News*

 A new updated cataract module will launch on the 25th July 2019.

The functionality will be unchanged but you will notice that hospital names have been standardised and MOST IMPORTANTLY the actual referral to the hospital will be automated.

So Optomanager will email the referral for you. The changeover period lasts til the end of August so any incomplete referrals on the old system will have to be sent off (manually) before 31st August.

You are reminded that all patients need to be advised that if they do not hear from the hospital after referral they need to get back in touch with you.

Note that the referral itself will be automated but the information for the GP will not so you will need to continue to use your nhs mail account for that.