AGM 2020 Documents

Wolverhampton LOC will host their AGM this year electronically on Monday 8th June 2020 

Please use the link below to register your place to attend.


Documents for the Wolverhampton LOC eAGM 2020

Wolverhampton LOC Chairpersons report 2020

Treasurers report 2020

Financial performance 2019/2020

Comparative accounts 2020

Draft Accounts 2020 

Budget 2020/2021

Business plan 2020/2021

AGM 2019 Minutes 


At the Wolverhampton LOC eAGM 2020 we have Five seats due for election this year. This represents one third of the committee and the successful candidates will serve for three years. The remaining two thirds of the committee will be due for re- election over the next two years. There are three seats for "Performers" and two seats for “Contractors”.  

Each candidate is invited to fill out an application and present they reasons and skill set for joining the Wolverhampton LOC, please read the statements below.


Prabhjit Boparai Nomination

Peter Rockett Nomination


Gurkiran Boparai Nomination

Harlean Gill Nomination

Hasan Akhtar Nomination 


LOC Proxy voting form 2020

Postal voting form 2020