Patient Info

For recent onset painful or red eyes, sudden loss of vision, recent flashes &/or floaters there is an emergency pathway available for patients with a Wolverhampton based GP - The CUES Service

During office hours, please contact your own optometrist or GP for advice on how to get a CUES appointment. Out of hours, you are advised to go to A&E at New Cross Hospital, where the on-call ophthalmologist will be available if required.



Information About Common Eye Conditions
Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma Eye Drops (How to use)        
Age Related Macula Degeneration (ARMD) Hayfever
Amblyopia Herpes Simplex Eye Infection               
Astigmatism Long Sight (Hypermetropia)
Blepharitis Presbyopia
Cataracts(1) Cataracts Surgery Retinal Detachment
Chalazion (Stye) Retinal Vein Occlusion
Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma Short Sight (Myopia)
Conjunctivitis - Allergic Squints (Childhood)
Conjunctivitis - Infective  
Corneal Injury Sub-Conjunctival Haemorrhage 
Dry Eyes   Tear-Duct blockage in Babies
Ectropion  Thyroid Eye Disease 
Eyelid Problems  Uveitis and Iritis

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The Practice Ophthalmology Group have a youtube channel presenting information videos for patients have been uploaded. These cover a range of topics from common eye conditions through to techniques used during a sight test.