WECS Decommissioning

We have now clarified and agreed on the requirements for practices and practitioners wishing to join the new Extended services - MECS, cataract pre-op and IOPRM. 

We wish to make sure everyone has the chance to join and is ready for the new contract. The current service will stop on 31st August and the transition to the new contract does require reapplying to Optomanager and re-registering practitioners. 


Please respond before 7th August stating

  • That you wish to subcontract to offer the services;  
  • your practice name, practice lead and company registration number.

Email the LOC - wolvesloc@gmail.com

Before contract start on 1/9/17 all practices will need to complete

  • QiO sections for 'GOS' and 'LOC Companies Subcontractor Long Form',
  • save a copy ready for upload to Optomanager.

All practices will need to be represented at the launch meeting on 14th September.

There will be a 3-month window to complete and upload the 'IGT Policy Bundle Practice Version' on QiO (before 1/12/17).

Finally, There will be an ongoing requirement for all practices to be present at the annual MECS Training Evening, as indeed there is now.